Do you want to know how to stop sweating? Sweating is a normal process for every human being. We sweat mostly to lose heat but we also lose other waste materials in the process which is why sweat is not made up only of water. However, when you sweat more than normal this can be a problem. Severe sweating, clinically referred to as ‘hyperhidrosis’,  is a very serious condition that affects millions of people all over the globe. This condition is characterized by profuse sweating in the armpits, face, feet, and palms. It can be experienced by all sorts of people, men and women of all ages. For some individuals it is not a serious medical problem but for others it completely takes over their lives. When left untreated, to much sweating can affect people’s confidence levels, positive effects and lifestyle.

how to stop sweating

The causes of excessive sweating range from metabolic abnormality to neurological issues. If your metabolism runs at a speed way faster than the normal person, you risk excessive sweating because of the internal combustion within your system. The same thing happens when you’re feeling nervous or anxious or angry. These emotions trigger responses from your nervous system, making your sweat glands react.

Manufacturers of personal products do make a lot of items that are considered antiperspirants and reduce sweating. They normally contain salts from aluminum which act to block the ducts from which the salty sweat exits the body. Quite a few of these so called beauty products do cause allergies and irritations to the skin, which can then lead to complications totally unconnected with sweating. There are other means used by dermatologists to reduce sweating, and electronic devices are used over the affected area. These low electric currents have the same effect of blocking the ducts. Botox injections are also in use nowadays, to reduce sweating. These are painful and it takes 20 injections under each arm that must be repeated after 4 months or so. Botox injections in the hands are even more painful, the soles of the feet worse and the patient may need anesthetics. A very drastic method of treatment for reducing excessive sweating is to have surgical intervention. Surgery involves interrupting signals from the sympathetic nervous system to the sweat glands.The surgeon has to actually destroy parts of these nerves. It is dangerous and can actually cause people to sweat more in other parts of their body and can cause breathing problems.  Always remember, there are natural ways to solve your problems.

Here are the natural ways to help you stop your sweating:

  • If you are having sweating problem, wearing natural fibres, such as, silk or cotton, will be highly recommended because these fabrics have better air circulation. Besides, the body’s temperature can be regulated by wearing these natural fibres as well.
  • Exercise and proper diet is another secret that can help you stop unwanted sweating. Through regular exercise and eating the right kinds of food that are not ‘sweat inducing’ you can easily stop sweat and not get hassled by it anymore. Doing regular exercise will also help you sweat less since the body’s blood circulation will prevent itself from sweating easily.
  • Green Tea. You probably know that green tea is full of antioxidants that can help to prevent you from becoming ill. It seems that green tea is effective in helping to prevent perspiration. The best time to drink it is in the morning, when your stomach is empty.
  • Bathing more often can help this problem, but not too much. When you are taking a bath, your sweat pores are opened and your sweat will dry faster.
  • Relax! One may be puzzled why this is essential in stopping excess sweating, but let us try to understand why relaxation helps. A little sweat causes anxiety, tension, and embarrassment. These emotions make you sweat more. By gaining control over the psychological aspect of your excessive sweating, you will reduce the severity of your hyperhidrosis. Some tips to reduce anxiety and stressful emotions include yoga, deep breathing, and meditation.

how to stop sweating

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